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The artists
forget this guy........
Show me the woodburner!
Roy turning

The turner

Hi. My name is Roy Petersen, and I turn the wooden items you have been seeing on this site and my wife Jeanie creates the artwork. I certainly hope you have been enjoying what we’ve shown you.

The Past:

For many years, starting around 1985, my wife Jeanie and I had been making children’s swords, shields, axes, daggers, and a pushtoy called a Slap-Dragon©. (~See them all here~)
I began woodturning back in 1993 as a way to relax. I had no experience turning except for a few short weeks back in High School. Take my word for it...that was a LONG time ago. I found a few 'how to' books on the subject and bought a small lathe to get started. At first, as you might expect, I made plenty of mistakes and sent more than a few pieces to the fireplace. But, as time went by and the woodshavings piled up around me, I finally learned enough to show a few finished pieces at a small fair. As it happened, this was a turning point (hmm...nice name) in my life. I sold these very quickly, and took orders for a few more! Following this success, I then brought some finished goblets and boxes to my next show; the
New Jersey Renaissance Festival and Kingdom.

Here again, I sold quite a few of my turnings. It was following these achievements that I brought my work to the attention of the New York Renaissance Faire ( it was called the NY Renaissance Festival then), and was pleased to be accepted immediately into this juried outdoor event. It was somewhere during this time, that Jeanie began to add artwork to the items I was making. This was to be the start of something wonderful. We were the proud recipients of the ’Best Craft Award’ for two separate years in 1995, and again in 1997,and continue to enjoy great success at this exciting event. Largely due to her artwork, I should think. (......thanks Jeanie........now get back to work.)

The Present:

As for now, I am kept busy learning my craft. Woodturning is an ongoing learning process with different ideas and methods around every turn. I hope to develop new and exciting designs which will (eventually) be posted to this site. If there's something you want to see done, let me know. I'd bet it can happen.
I’m also kept pretty busy developing a web design business. In addition to this, I expect to offer low cost hosting to fellow woodworkers who want to have a site of their own.

The Future:

In addition to preparing for the upcoming season of events, I am also developing a simple heated finishing cabinet for the aspiring woodturner who doesn't have a heated shop. The prototype in my shop is capable of maintaining a steady temperature despite how cold it gets outside. (I have been able to maintain a steady 85 degrees using only medium settings!) It can also double as a wood drying unit for small items, such as pen blanks. Once I draw up the plans I will be offering them for sale on this website.
I have been asked about the possibility of teaching what I know about woodturning. I’m not sure at the moment if this will be in book form, travelling, at my shop, or perhaps on video. I’m waiting for some more feedback before a decision can be reached. It may be a while.

Thanks for reading,
and I'll see you at Faire!
Roy in costume

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